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  • Save money by paying direct
  • Clear and transparent costs
  • No surprise medical bills and aggravation
  • No confusing insurance statements
  • Choose the doctor you want to see
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  • Don’t wait six weeks – get a priority appointment
  • Curated network of top physicians
  • Get a second opinion from multiple specialists
  • No referrals, no pre-approvals – book online today
  • Find a lab or imaging center near you

Who Does Kumba Work For?

Looking for a more immediate appointment time
Seeking a doctor with special cash-pay pricing
Needs an elective procedure that insurance won't cover
Has high deductible insurance plan and needs to be more cost conscious
Wants to be able to book an appointment online

We are a marketplacefor physicians and patients.

Kumba Health is an online marketplace that enables consumers to find direct pay providers, including physicians, labs, and imaging centers. Kumba is part of the movement to allow consumers more control over their healthcare with complete pricing transparency, the ability to see who they want when they want, and to take insurance out of the equation. Kumba allows doctors to focus on you, the patient.

Kumba complements your High Deductible or HSA plan

Kumba Health is the perfect complement to your high deductible and FSA/HSA plans. You could save thousands of dollars a year by switching to a low premium/high deductible plan and using Kumba physicians, labs and imaging centers as your healthcare providers. The direct pay prices you find on Kumba are discounted significantly compared to insurance prices. Since 90% of Americans never reach their deductible, paying the direct price represents a real and significant savings. Further, if you have an FSA or HSA, you can use the pre-tax funds in these accounts to pay for Kumba provider services, which compounds your savings.

See how you can save money

Save Money

Cutting out the middle-man allows doctors to minimize costs and provide their patients with lower rates on services and procedures.

Keep it Simple

No hidden costs ensure you know upfront what you're paying for. Kumba eliminates the convoluted insurance system, EOB's, and aggravation.

Priority Counts

Make your health the actual priority. Doctors prefer to deal with Kumba patients instead of dealing with the insurance companies and paperwork involved.

Giving Back: Kumba Cares

For every appointment booked on Kumba, we make a donation to one of our selected regional charities: Junior Blind of America, Our House, Heal the Bay, Paws/LA, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and Beit T'Shuvah.