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Ben Shamoiel, D.C.

Dr. Ben Shamoiel’s lifetime dedication to healing stems from his experiences with his ill mother and his father who provided conscientious care for her. He believes that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating work of art. All the intelligence and wisdom of healing is present within. His practices are based on the idea that your body’s intelligence coordinates all of its functions, from blood pressure to digestion and is always working for your. Thus, Dr. Ben Shamoiel utilizes the profession of Chiropractic, freeing the musculoskeletal, chemical, and emotional restrictions and barriers to my patients’ nervous systems that prove o be the root of their diseases.

Here at Century City Health Solutions, it is our mission to make your health our number one priority. Our practice offers a diversified program to begin a healthier “rest of your life”. Our team of highly trained, qualified professionals will assist in giving you the health solutions you need to achieve remarkable results that last a lifetime. We are also in consistent collaboration with other holistic practitioners whose expertise and methods facilitate my aims and my patients’ through an equal exchange of resources. Every journey begins with the first step; let us start you down the path to success while creating lasting memories, and building unforgettable relationships.

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