Founders' Note

We created Kumba Health to help people and enhance their healthcare experiences by merging technology with our core values. Born out of our frustrations with the present healthcare system, we made it our mission to develop better options. It was essential to create a platform where both patients and providers were the winners, while promoting best practices and freedom from the hassles of insurance.
We bring our practical experience as patients and our respect for physicians into everything we do. Healthcare was at its best when physicians and patients had direct relationships – not the convoluted insurance mumbo-jumbo we’re forced to deal with today. Together we are part of a movement that will improve healthcare for everybody - through quality and timely service, accessibility, transparency, and efficiency.
If you’re looking for top quality physicians in the Beverly Hills area, we encourage you to check out our providers and the services they offer on Kumba. Think you can’t afford a Beverly Hills doctor? Think again! At the core of our marketplace is a concept called direct pay – you may also hear it referred to as “cash pay” or “self pay” – but what it means to you is savings, accessibility and timeliness. By paying direct, you are getting a discounted price on your procedures. You’re also getting a priority appointment – no six-week wait to see the doctor. Many of our physicians can accommodate next day appointments.
But most importantly – you can see what they charge! This is a big deal. For years we all had to guess – or be surprised when the bill came – as to how much exactly our visits cost. Now you know beforehand. And the best part is, once you pay, you’re done. No surprise bills, no insurance forms.
In the weeks and months to come we will be expanding our service to other metropolitan areas around the country. And in the very near future we hope to roll-out another feature of the site: telemedicine. Soon you will have the ability to talk to a physician via video call. So check back often, let us know what you think, and by all means book an appointment with one of our top-quality physicians.
Welcome to the new age of healthcare shopping. We hope you enjoy it.
- Philip Klaparda and Leo Treyzon, MD – Founders, Kumba Health