People spend a lot of time discussing the Affordable health Care Act or ObamaCare.


Yet, most of the dialogue isn't focused on preventive care or health insurance and making it accessible and affordable to American consumers. There is very little talk on other parts of the ACA, including the very important National Prevention Strategy. This strategy is a part of the ACA that aims at Preventive care and preventing disease instead of where to go once you’re already sick.

For a long period, the focus of the American healthcare system has been focused on treating disease instead of using healthy practices, Preventive care and certain medical precautions to prevent illness.

According to the CDC, the National Prevention Strategy “includes actions that public and private partners can take to help Americans stay healthy and fit.” These actions include taking advantage of free medical procedures included in your insurance plan, as well as, making changes in the workplace, home, and community environments to combat disease before it starts.

There are several medical procedures covered by health insurance that is considered preventive care. And did we mention that they’re free? Part of the National Prevention Strategy is to cover a range of procedures for adults, women, and children that are meant to catch a disease and keep Americans healthy. These tests include immunizations, cholesterol screenings, well-woman visits, autism screenings, and developmental screenings for children under 3. As said before, all these tests and visits are available to you with your health insurance plan at no extra cost.

Preventive care doesn’t just begin and end in the doctor’s office, however. It extends further into community life and taking action to foster safe and healthy communities to live in. An initiative taken by First Lady Michelle Obama to do just that is the Let’s Move! campaign. The objective of Let’s Move! is to get children outside to play for at least an hour a day. By doing so, children are taught from a young age that fitness is a natural and enjoyable part of everyday life. Thus, creating healthy habits for a lifetime!

Building healthy habits is not just for children! In fact, there are several ways to start making healthy choices in the workplace. This doesn’t just end with replacing break room snacks with healthy alternatives or switching to a standing desk. Many employers have already gotten a jump start on this by offering wellness incentive programs for employees. Wellness incentive programs can include anything from encouraging activity, facilitating friendly competition amongst coworkers to better health, and even offering a certain amount of money off health insurance per year for healthy habits.

Though many steps can be taken for preventive care at work and in the greater community, healthy living starts at home. What is considered preventive care? Family wellness is one of the steps to be taken when it comes to creating and continuing a healthy lifestyle. Clean eating and healthy food choices are main components of family wellness. By simply substituting one sugary snack a day or choosing healthy alternatives to fatty foods, good habits are created for not only children but parents and seniors, as well.  Along with nutrition is making activity a part of everyday family life. By getting involved in their child’s fitness, parents too can take control of their own health by being active themselves and setting an example.

When thinking about healthcare it is important to remember that not only doctor’s visits when ill are important. A preventive care checkup is one of the most vital aspects of maintaining health throughout your lifetime. By making healthy choices at home, at work, and in the community, as well as, talking to your doctor about preventive care procedures, you can take charge of your own wellness and avoid costly medical bills in the future.

Take advantage of all of the free preventive services your health plan has to offer.  But in those instances where you need healthcare services for routine care, check out Kumba Health for money saving services.