Preventive Care - Here are your real options

People spend a lot of time discussing the Affordable health Care Act or ObamaCare. Yet, most of the dialogue isn't focused on preventive care or health insurance and making it accessible and affordable to American consumers...

Posted on 9/19/2016 11:21:53 PM

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HDHP V.S. HSA - Understanding your savings

Are you trying to save money on your out-of-pocket medical expenses? With the popularity of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP), many Americans are still paying 100% for services under their deductible, with the exception of preventative care.

Posted on 9/19/2016 10:31:02 PM

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Affordable Healthcare Simplified with Kumba Health

On, July 11, 2016, President Obama published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In it, the President gave a surprisingly objective report on the Affordable Care Act, its successes, and next steps. This has, once again, sparked discussions from all corners of the country about obtaining affordable medical care.

Posted on 9/26/2016 3:22:44 PM

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