We wish they had called them KSA, for Kumba Savings Accounts. Oh well.

More than anything else, saving patients money is what drove us to create Kumba Health.  Kumba healthcare providers (doctors, labs, imaging centers and urgent care clinics) are as frustrated with insurance as you are.  And they put their money where their mouth is (so to speak) by offering special pricing on our site.  They benefit from not having to deal with insurance, and for that reason they gladly offer special pricing on Kumba.  

As many as 100 million Americans have high deductibe insurance plans now - and deductibles are only going up. Statistically speaking, you are unlikely to ever hit your deductible. Which means your insurance never kicks in. So if you are going to pay out of pocket, shouldn't you strive to save as much money as possible while getting top-quality medical care?  

Think about the typical medical expenses the average patient might deal with during the course of a year:

Typical Cost
(no Kumba)

(typical cost)

 Physical Exam
$350 $275
 2 Dental Visits
$440 $360
 Eye Exam
$110 $95
 Sports Injury (minor)
$625 $495
 Blood Test
$125 $85

 Xray series or CT scan
$645 $475
 For Parents with School Aged Kids - sports fitness tests, shots, physicals 
$600 $450

$2,895 $2,235

So there you go.  Not for nothing, but if you are a "typical" patient, you just saved $660 every year by finding your healthcare providers using Kumba.

And remember, your HSA plan (if you have one) still applies.  So the financial story gets even better!